Sunday, January 31, 2010

清新靓丽;内点点多层次三件组 3 IN 1 (Code No: 8144) RM55 ~SOLD OUT~

外:全长:62cm 肩宽:36cm 袖长:58cm 胸围:85cm 有弹力可拉伸至:96cm 手臂围:36cm 袖口:22cm
中:全长:73cm 肩宽:--cm 袖口:--cm 胸围:86cm 有弹力可拉伸至:102cm
内:全长:55cm(不含吊带长)吊带长:56cm 胸围:72cm 有弹力可拉伸至:85cm

Color: Black
Fabric: Cotton + Chiffon
Flexible: strong
Flat-sided size:
Outer: length: 62cm Shoulder Width: 36cm Sleeve Length: 58cm Bust: 85cm with elastic to stretch to the: 96cm Arm Wai: 36cm sleeves: 22cm
middle: length: 73cm Shoulder Width: - cm cuff: - cm Bust: 86cm with elastic to stretch to the: 102cmInside: length: 55cm (excluding sling length) tape length: 56cm Bust: 72cm with elastic to stretch to: 85cm

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